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Who We Are

One Commandment Corporation is a community-based nonprofit, whose mission is to pursue housing support for industrious, single, middle-aged women with low needs. 


Our team is comprised of a group of social scientists, workplace psychologists, volunteers, fundraisers, financial professionals, advocates, and educators with a myriad of experiences and enough passion to rotate the globe.


They are dedicated and passionate about partnering with---and informing business leaders, housing developers, philanthropists, financiers, and corporations; that are willing to participate in an effort to provide safe, affordable, housing in quality homes and communities, for single, industrious women.


Join Our Board

Single women with no challenges, other than needing a remedy to their housing insecurity are experiencing “hidden homelessness.” Are you interested?

Are you looking for a unique leadership opportunity or seeking to use your talents to make a
major impact towards a significant cause?

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Christie Shaw

Founder & Grassroots Advocate

Christie Shaw an Industrial Organizational  (I-O) and Psychology professional specializing in talent acquisition and development. Formally educated in all facets of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.


Christie is also a published author & public speaker whose personal mission is to encourage, inspire, and assist others towards personal growth.

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Meet the Team


Chief Finance Officer

Jasmine McGhee

Jasmine currently enjoys a career as a Sr. Fund Accountant. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Finance, Accounting and Economics. Master's Degree in Childhood Education from Walden University.

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Acting Treasurer

Tawana Newton

Tawana Newton has enjoyed  a career that has afforded her an opportunity to engage daily with some of Washington DC's top government officials. She has a passion for advocacy, service and community . We are grateful to have Tawana in an acting role until the recruitment process is finalized.

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Tina Cranmer

Tina Cranmer has maintained a robust career supporting NPO executives. Those positions include, but not limited to executive assistant to CEO and Board of Directors for Goodwill, and March of Dimes. Tina obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington while raising two children. Her experiences have made her invaluable to One Commandment Corp's mission.

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