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Serving, PA, DE, MD & N-VA: One Commandment Corp. is a nonprofit  formed in an effort to passionately pursue housing support remedies for industrious, single, middle-aged women with low needs experiencing housing insecurity or "hidden" homelessness.

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"Love thy Neighbor as Thyself."  

 One Commandment

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


OCC has long had a finger on the pulse of this. But, though an unfortunate reality, it is now good to see that further -- geographically local research is surfacing providing necessary data and evidence specific to this existing crisis.  

The article featured here is one that supports the rising challenge of hidden homelessness among single, middle-aged women. Not only does this article and the interviews that it entails shed light on this growing crisis--it adds to a body of evidence that a few years ago, you would not have found. This news report supports the challenge that we here at One Commandment Corp., know is on the rise. 

However, it's not reported as such here in the United States. But across the pond--they have put their finger on the pulse of this trending crisis.


Unfortunately, here in the U.S., we rely heavily on data that does not do an adequate job of reporting on this specific demographic of women. 

But, Australia's research on this crisis is extensive--and their findings can serve as a benchmark for local statisticians and researchers on this growing crisis of hidden homeless among single, middle-aged women.

"Woman’s journey through homelessness, unemployment shows struggle single mothers face in pandemic."

“Sometimes you have to go through things to get stronger.”

Elizabeth White's story is the story of many unseen middle-age, educated, single industrious women. She gives voice to a truth that our society has seemingly overlooked - but now a reality that can no longer be denied, ignored or hidden because a global pandemic, and now national inflation and housing crisis has exasperated and exposed its reality.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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  • 4-K Run: Dover, Delaware - May 11, 2024 (1)
    4-K Run: Dover, Delaware - May 11, 2024 (1)
    May 11, 2024 from 10:00 am 3:00 pm
    Dover, Delaware
    Dover, Delaware, Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park
    OCC is in its planning stages of our first Mother's Day 4-K Run Fundraiser. This will be a TICKETED EVENT. $50: Includes T-Shirt, Drawstring book bag $20: Includes T-Shirt 10: General Admission Even if not attending -- a donation of any size is appreciated

At One Commandment Corp., every woman is treated with the highest level of respect and human dignity that is innately her right. With her approval, she is asked to complete a thorough questionnaire that's reviewed with her upon completion. Additionally, with her consent, she is asked to participate in a panel interview with the selected members of One Commandment Corporation's BODs .
Eligibility is determined and rendered within one week following the interview with the BOD's.
So if you are:

  • Mid-aged and have maintained a consistent career or work history

  • Couch surfing, sleeping in a car or other unsafe means of shelter

  • Recently, lost your career due to no foreseeable fault of your own such as lay-off, organizational reorganizing     

  • Single with or without young children

  • Struggling to find or afford safe, quality and secure housing due to move-in fees

  • Without mental-health, substance abuse or other disability

  • Experiencing adverse impact or decline in income due to Covid: 19, or current inflation crisis--consequently at risk of eviction

  • In an unhealthy relationship only to avoid homelessness

  • Working or self-employed but experiencing unforeseen adverse impact to income or business

  • Able to otherwise sustain housing without support other than that being offered through One Commandment Corporation

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We are seeking committed leaders and partners.

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